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MO Community Guidelines

Welcome to MO Community Guidelines. Our Guidelines are in place to ensure that we all play our part in a responsible and thoughtful manner whilst we try to re-use and give life to items we no longer need as well as services that can help grow and nurture our community.

If you are using our platform, we will assume that you are agreeable to these Guidelines as well as our Terms of Service.

For a happy MO community,

Be respectful and pleasant

We care about our community at large and we know you do too, so please be respectful at all times.

Make an effort on your posting

We want your product to sell fast and catch the attention of a prospective buyer so do try to take some great photos of your item with the correct description and even a back story on the item and who it’s good for. In other words give your item some life by saying something unique and truthful about it! Even a happy memory of when you used the product or provide some unique information on the service provided.

Build trust

MO is built on trust and helpful reviews promote sellers listings. This encourages MO users to subscribe to the MO platform thereby creating more of a database for you to choose from. So do leave a review for those community members you have transacted with who have made the purchase of a pre-loved or new item, a pleasant one.

Be responsible

If you have agreed to a sale, make sure you fulfill your commitment and not opt out due to a better deal. We understand that sometimes there are unavoidable circumstances, but that’s okay. Just make sure you effectively communicate any issues with the buyer or seller.

Make an offer and be flexible on pricing

For a sale to occur, the upside of a deal should be easily visible to a buyer, so do price your item or items where the upside or deal is easily visible to any buyer. Remember we are trying to find new homes for your items so a discounted price goes a long way in ensuring your products find a new home as well as allowing you to recoup some of your initial expenditure.

Be smart AND SAFE

When meeting up with members for the sale or purchase of an item, do so with another friend (if possible) and ensure you do so in a public space that is convenient and comfortable rather than your own homes. Such an example would be a shopping mall. If planning to purchase the item in person, make sure you check the item thoroughly to ensure it is the item you wanted before exchanging the goods for money. When shipping, opt for MO Delivery which will allow us to track your item with added security of keeping your addresses private.

How is it private?

In order to maintain your privacy, neither the buyer nor the seller knows the exact pick-up and drop-off addresses. We ensure this by asking the seller to write a waybill reference number. All buyer details will then be filled out by our delivery partners following collection and delivered to the delivery location of the buyer. The pick-up and drop-off address will not be visible to either party.

Keep all deals within MO platform

Keep all chats within the platform. It will allow us to refer back to any members not in keeping with community guidelines. If you are making any purchases via credit or debit cards, do opt for our MO delivery, as this will allow the platform to track your items location.

Don't be creepy… or rude… or threaten anyone

Folks, be the upstanding citizen! We do not allow for inappropriate requests or remarks that will make another person feel uncomfortable. The use of vulgarities is a big no-no on our platform. Neither is inciting fear, threatening violence and wishing harm on others. So let’s be respectful and kind in all our communication! After all, we want you to have the best reviews possible and lapses in patience and kindness might cause you to get an unnecessary review.

Don't spam

Spamming out messages in chats or in the comments section is not allowed. Do report such users to us so that we can do the needful.

Be inclusive

Inclusivity is crucial for our Community. Fostering a welcoming and respectful environment for all members regardless of differences in gender, race, class, religion, sexuality and disability. This is of key importance within our MO Community.

Your experience with MO is so important to us… Welcome to MO and may the experience be a pleasant one!

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