Frequently Asked Questions

MO stands for “Mata Oney” in Sinhala which also means “I want.” It is an online marketplace for the sale of pre-loved or new items and advertising for space for learning, enrichment, lifestyle, home and maintenance services.
We offer a platform for sellers, buyers and service providers to come together to buy, sell and/or offer a service.

After you register, simply press the plus sign at the bottom of the App on your home  screen and fill out the form which asks you questions about your product or service  being sold. It is important that you are accurate with the description to ensure buyers  can correctly find what you are listing. Simply fill out the form and then post it. We do  not need to review your listing prior to listing.

Yes. You can update and edit your listing at any time.

There is a share icon on you listing page which allows you to copy and share the link  with other members outside the app. Simply click on the required icon and it will copy  a link to the clip board. Please note only a preview of the app will be shown and it is  necessary for the buyer to download the app before reviewing the complete page.  Encourage your buyer to do so as it will only take a few moments to join our community  for free!

Sellers list their items for sale for a listed price and buyers can see what you have  posted by searching for your product name or profile. Buyers have the option to  negotiate the price with the seller. Provided that the seller is happy with the negotiated  selling price, the seller accepts the offer and buyer can proceed to in person pick up  or use MO Delivery to receive their goods.

In order to use our delivery feature in MO, the payment for the item needs to happen  via the app. Simply follow the instruction to check out the item and make payment via  our payment gateway. Once payment is complete, our couriers will arrange for pick up  by contacting the seller with a pick up date and time. At this point the buyer’s money is  still with MO. Only when our courier informs us that they have delivered the item to the  buyer, will the buyer’s money be released to the seller.

No, we do not MO does not take any commissions on the sales of any product. MO only requires a listing fee. For transactions made with card payments on the MO  App will incur a 3% surcharge by the buyer as well as any delivery fees.

MO delivery takes anywhere between 2-5 days to delivery an item depending on the  location islandwide.

Please go to you Google Play store or Apple Store to download our APP. You need a  mobile number and email address to use the MO App. These verifications are required  for the use of our App.

No. It is not compulsory for users to provide a photograph of their Sri Lankan ID  however we feel that should you provide the maximum number of Verifications, i.e  mobile number, email and ID as this will provide members with added assurance when  transacting with a fully verified person.

MO provides its members with two addresses for you to keep in your account in case  you have two addresses you would like to receive or send items to and from. Simply  select either address for pick up or delivery.

been picked up for delivery? 

If you use the MO App for payment and delivery, we will only deposit the money to  your account within 24 hours of the buyer receiving the item. If there are any  overweight chargers, we will deduct that from the Total Sale Value of the item. Please  remember it is the responsibility of the Seller (i.e. you) to accurately weigh the item of  the listed item before selling to any buyer. The final delivery fee will take this We will  only charge you for the increased weighted amount at cost. Nothing more.

No. Your credit Card Information is not stored on our APP. You will be redirected to a  payment gateway at the time of payment.

In short it is the buyer that bares the cost of the package based on estimated weight  given by the seller. At the time of check out, the buyer will incur the cost of delivery  fee to his or her location with a fee attached to the weight of the package.  

Fee based on Weight of Package and Location of Buyer + Cost of Product Sold = Total Sale Value 

If the weight of the package is over the estimated weight by the courier at the time of  pick up, the seller is obligated to pay the difference during settlement time. This  means MO will deduct any added cost incurred due to the discrepancy in weight and  deduct this amount from seller before depositing the final sale revenue from the  product. It is therefore the obligation of the seller to accurately measure package  weight inclusive of packaging at the time of listing the product. 

Once delivery of the package is made by MO delivery, any chargers for the  overweight amount will be deducted from the sale price of the product received by  MO and the balance sales amount will be debited to the Seller.

  1. Babies & Kids
  2. TV & Home Appliances
  3. Toys, Games & Books
  4. Mobiles & Gadgets
  5. Women’s Fashion
  6. Audio Equipment
  7. Men’s Fashion
  8. Photography
  9. Furniture & Home Living
  10. Video Gaming
  11. Beauty & Personal Care
  12. Computers & Tech
  13. Sports Equipment
  14. Luxury Watches
  15. Health & Nutrition
  16. Vehicles
  17. Pet Supplies
  18. Properties

We do not provide delivery of certain furniture items and items over the weight of  30kg. We also have a list of prohibited items which we do not sell or deliver. Please  check Prohibited List.

We encourage small business owners, teachers, and professionals in educations, sport,  arts and freelancers, as well as businesses providing home and maintenance services  to list their professional services with us. We encourage members who have used MO  to find a service provider to leave a review/testimonial should their experience be  positive. This provides a great referral for other members considering using their  service and in turn helps the community find the best people and businesses for the  task at hand!  

Learning & Enrichment: 

1) Tuition 

2) Sports & Fitness 

3) Music & Arts 

4) Freelancers  

Lifestyle Services:  

1) Beauty & Health Services  

2) Photography & Video Services 

3) Tailoring & Restoration 

4) Event & Party Services 

5) Care Giving Services 

6) Electronic & Gadgets Repairs 

7) Pet Care Services 

8) Others 

Home & Maintenance: 

1) Movers & Delivery 

2) Renovations 

3) Home Repairs 

4) Aircon Services 

5) Home & Office Cleaning 

6) Carpet & sofa Cleaning

0-1KG 1-2KG 








For every additional Kilogram, we charge LKR 100 

Please note that if a package is measured at 1.5kg upon collection, we will charge the  Seller for 2kg. All weighted amounts will be rounded up. 

These delivery fees are only meant to be a guideline – should there be any changes to  fuel supply and price to due economic reasons, our pricing will also have to change  accordingly.  

Be assured however that you will always be charged the delivery stated at the time of  check-out provided that the weighted value of the package is correct.

We do not deal with return of items after purchase and delivery is complete. We are an  online facilitator for the sale and purchase of items. We recommend you discuss your  problem with the product seller and try to resolve issues independently first. If there is  a gross misrepresentation of the item listed and the item received, please contact us so  that action can be taken to either suspend or deactivate accounts of members who are  found to be in violations of our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. In order to ensure you do not fall into such a situation, we recommend that you buy and  sell with persons within a community of people you are familiar with who are fully  verified by us by email, mobile and ID.

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