Refund Policy

Our platform, MO, serves as a facilitator for purchasing items, placing the responsibility on the Buyer to thoroughly vet their intended purchase. This involves examining product details through pictures, videos, chats, and the Buyer's review history. Consequently, all sales made on MO are considered final.

However, exceptions allowing a Buyer to request a refund are outlined below:

  1. If the received item significantly differs from the ordered product, accompanied by substantial photo and video evidence (please retain screenshots).
  2. If the Buyer refuses to accept the package due to visible damage to the outer packaging.
  3. If the courier attempts delivery three times unsuccessfully, and the Buyer remains unreachable.
  4. In the event the Seller cancels the item.

For cases (a) and (b), a refund request, supported by evidence, must be emailed to [email protected] within 24 hours of delivery. The Buyer has a 24-hour window after delivery to initiate a refund claim; after this period, refund requests won't be considered.

Upon acceptance of a refund request by us, the funds will be reimbursed within 7-14 days to the original purchase card or via a bank transfer within 1-3 days if applicable. This procedure also applies when a seller cancels an order.

Please note that delivery fees will not be refunded. Only the cost of items will be refunded for cases (a), (b), and (c). In instances where the Seller cancels an order before shipment, the Buyer is entitled to a full refund.

MO Delivery retains the right to reject any activities involving items prohibited by the laws of Sri Lanka. We do not accept transactions for items listed on the Prohibited Items.

This refund policy solely pertains to transactions conducted on our platform. We disclaim liability for any financial transactions made outside our platform.

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